Data Cleaning

Is your data actually usable? Most companies believe their data is good, until they have to use it, unify it, publish it or transfer between systems. Much of the time, data quality is overlooked. Humans are very flexible when interpreting data. Computers are not.

For internal use, it may be adequate.

  • Erroneous data entry
  • Differences in character encoding
  • Improper character escaping
  • Fields used incorrectly in order to satisfy a shortcoming in the database design
  • Restrictions in data format
  • Poor data import
  • Copy and paste of text from Microsoft Word

So what if your internal database contains the occasional ï¿½ or similar rubbish? Your users will learn to ignore it, but when you publish your catalogue online, it won’t inspire confidence.

I can write scripts to process, clean and beautify your data for either single or ongoing use, and will do my utmost to turn potential garbage into something usable and professional.